Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities, like Public Speaking, Debate, Current Affairs, General Knowledge, and Quiz are a part of the general timetable.

In-city and outstation educational excursions and IAYP trips are also part of the School’s activities.

The school participates in a wide range of inter-school competitions like football, chess, Model United Nations Conferences etc.

Students under the able guidance of the faculty organise events like the Humanities Seminar, Elocution Competition, Science Discourse and popular lectures every year where other schools are invited to participate.

Every fortnight students put up special assemblies regarding various world issues.

Several extra-curricular activities (ECA), for which an additional fee will be payable, are available. ECA are held after school hours and only on working days and Saturdays, i.e. there will be no ECA on Sundays and during vacations and recesses.