Director’s Message

Dr. Anuradha Das, Director, Garden High International School

At the outset, let me take this opportunity to thank you for taking interest in our institution and visiting our website!

Garden High International School (GHIS) is an English-medium coeducational school, established in April 2013 by the Satikanta Guha Foundation, a registered charitable society, one of the principal aims of which is to raise the standard of education in this state by setting up educational institutions that will strive after academic excellence. The school, which offers the Edexcel (London) and CIE (Cambridge) IGCSE and A-Level courses, is an institution with a difference.

The mission of the school is to deliver childcentric international education and to extend the benefits of it at competitive cost. GHIS counts on the merits of a flexible syllabus and timetable, a wide range of subjects and co-curricular activities and an excellent infrastructure to help in the all-round development of its pupils.

The IGCSE is a two-year course spread over Grades 9 and 10. Known as GCSE in the UK, it is equivalent to the earlier O Levels (Ordinary Level Examinations). The IGCSE Examination is equivalent to ICSE, the Madhyamik or Secondary Examination of a State Board of India or CBSE. A Level Examinations are the plus-two examinations equivalent to ISC, the Uchha Madhyamik or Higher Secondary Examination of a State Board of India or CBSE. Both the IGCSE and the A-Levels are accepted by all Indian colleges and universities and are recognized worldwide.

Usually students entering Grade 9 or the A-Levels take these examinations after about two years. They can, however, if they so desire, stretch this to 2½ to 3 years. They may also retake an examination after six months or one year to improve their grades. If after passing the examination in a subject at the end of  AS-Level (i.e. Class XI), a student does not wish to study it any longer, he will be awarded an AS Level (Advanced Subsidiary Level) which is equivalent to half an A Level. Two AS Levels will be counted as one A Level.

The school is affiliated to both the Edexcel (London) and CIE (Cambridge) Boards, our centre numbers being 91363 and IN463 respectively. This means that students of GHIS appear for their examinations in Kolkata directly through the school. Question papers are set and answer scripts marked in England. Results are published from England.

GHIS offers its students a wide range of subjects to choose from. No subject is compulsory. Students are, however, advised to choose six to eight subjects for IGCSE and four for the A-Levels. Apart from the usual subjects offered for Science, Humanities and Commerce, we offer a range of languages like French, German, Mandarin and Korean and also Visual and Performing Arts like Art & Design and Drama right up to the Board level.

Under the able guidance of senior and experienced teachers of IGCSE, A Levels and IB of the city, GHIS is committed to give young learners a holistic education so that they are able to meet the challenges of life as well as academics comfortably in today’s fast-evolving world and develop into lifelong learners. The number of students per section is limited so that teaching is interactive and student-centric. Besides receiving individual attention in class, students receive additional help, if necessary and free of charge, during or after school hours.

Students are provided with texts and reference books, as well as question papers of past examinations. The School also provides infinite connectivity of internet for research and project work. The range of resources available compare with the best in this part of the world.

GHIS is structured to give its pupils extensive support in and outside the class to cope with academic demands and to provide counseling services for the selection of subjects, careers and placements in colleges/universities.

The Management, staff and students of GHIS have created a respectful and happy learning environment for all.